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ODI Match List - v South Africa
S.No. v Country Ground Runs Balls SR 4's 6's Out As Scorecard
1v South Africa Brisbane Cricket Ground 8 1457.1410CaughtView
2v South Africa Docklands Stadium 34 4477.2740CaughtView
3v South Africa Docklands Stadium 1 250.0000RunoutView
4v South Africa Sydney Cricket Ground 27 3772.9700CaughtView
5v South Africa SuperSport Park 53 8264.6360CaughtView
6v South Africa Newlands 1 156.6700CaughtView
7v South Africa St George's Park 25 23108.7001RunoutView
8v South Africa Kingsmead 7 2330.4310CaughtView
9v South Africa Warner Park 92 75122.6774RunoutView
10v South Africa Beausejour Cricket Ground 60* 8669.7780-View
11v South Africa Melbourne Cricket Ground 19 3850.0010CaughtView
12v South Africa Western Australia Cricket Association Ground 0 40.0000BowledView
13v South Africa Kingsmead 1 520.0000CaughtView
14v South Africa SuperSport Park 5 1435.7100lbwView
15v South Africa Newlands 35 4971.4320BowledView
16v South Africa St George's Park 50 6873.5340BowledView
17v South Africa New Wanderers Stadium 66 60110.00100CaughtView
18v South Africa SuperSport Park 44 4891.6752RunoutView
19v South Africa St George's Park 1 616.6700CaughtView
20v South Africa Sahara Stadium Kingsmead 26 3966.6750BowledView
21v South Africa Western Australia Cricket Association Ground 11 2055.0010CaughtView
Latest Results
10th OneDay : England v Australia at Edgbaston Australia 277/9 (50/50 ov); England 240/4 (40.2/40.2 ov, target: 201) England won by 40 runs (D/L method) 5th OneDay : Australia v Bangladesh at Kennington Oval Bangladesh 182 (44.3/50 ov); Australia 83/1 (16/50 ov) No result 2nd OneDay : Australia v New Zealand at Edgbaston New Zealand 291 (45/46 ov); Australia 53/3 (9/33 ov, target: 235) No result 4th Test : Australia v India at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium Australia 300 and 137; India 332 and 106/2 (23.5 ov, target: 106) India won by 8 wickets 3rd Test : Australia v India at JSCA International Stadium Complex Australia 451 and 204/6 (100 ov); India 603/9d Match drawn
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