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ODI Match List - Out as caught
S.No. v Country Ground Runs Balls SR 4's 6's Out As Scorecard
1v West Indies Queen's Park Oval 39 5373.5830CaughtView
2v New Zealand Nehru Stadium 2 1513.3300CaughtView
3v India Melbourne Cricket Ground 63 6695.4561CaughtView
4v Zimbabwe Sydney Cricket Ground 40 5770.1810CaughtView
5v Zimbabwe Bellerive Oval 0 20.0000CaughtView
6v India Brisbane Cricket Ground 42 4593.3330CaughtView
7v India Sydney Cricket Ground 21 20105.0010CaughtView
8v India Western Australia Cricket Association Ground 2 825.0000CaughtView
9v Sri Lanka Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium 0 30.0000CaughtView
10v Sri Lanka R. Premadasa Stadium 36 32112.5020CaughtView
11v Sri Lanka Sinhalese Sports Club Ground 16 4734.0410CaughtView
12v India VRA Cricket Ground 42 28150.0060CaughtView
13v Pakistan VRA Cricket Ground 1 250.0000CaughtView
14v Pakistan Lord's Cricket Ground 31 31100.0040CaughtView
15v New Zealand Sydney Cricket Ground 6 1735.2900CaughtView
16v Pakistan Bellerive Oval 97 9997.98121CaughtView
17v West Indies Brisbane Cricket Ground 2 1020.0000CaughtView
18v New Zealand Westpac Stadium 0 50.0000CaughtView
19v New Zealand Jade Stadium 23 13176.9240CaughtView
20v New Zealand McLean Park 43 36119.4450CaughtView
21v Bangladesh Sophia Gardens 54 8464.2940CaughtView
22v England Edgbaston 3 650.0000CaughtView
23v New Zealand Eden Park 31 4963.2721CaughtView
24v New Zealand Jade Stadium 71 7495.9591CaughtView
25v South Africa Brisbane Cricket Ground 8 1457.1410CaughtView
26v South Africa Docklands Stadium 34 4477.2740CaughtView
27v Sri Lanka Sydney Cricket Ground 67 7095.7150CaughtView
28v South Africa Sydney Cricket Ground 27 3772.9700CaughtView
29v South Africa SuperSport Park 53 8264.6360CaughtView
30v South Africa Newlands 1 156.6700CaughtView
31v South Africa Kingsmead 7 2330.4310CaughtView
32v Bangladesh Narayanganj Osmani Stadium 54 9060.0020CaughtView
33v India Kinrara Academy Oval 64 9468.0951CaughtView
34v West Indies Kinrara Academy Oval 1 812.5000CaughtView
35v West Indies Kinrara Academy Oval 23 2495.8300CaughtView
36v West Indies Brabourne Stadium 47 8555.2930CaughtView
37v New Zealand Punjab Cricket Association Stadium 14 2263.6410CaughtView
38v New Zealand Bellerive Oval 33 5263.4630CaughtView
39v England Brisbane Cricket Ground 36 6258.0630CaughtView
40v New Zealand Sydney Cricket Ground 75 11167.5790CaughtView
41v New Zealand Western Australia Cricket Association Ground 7 887.5000CaughtView
42v England Sydney Cricket Ground 18 2962.0720CaughtView
43v New Zealand Melbourne Cricket Ground 9 2045.0000CaughtView
44v England Sydney Cricket Ground 0 90.0000CaughtView
45v Sri Lanka National Cricket Stadium 23 3174.1940CaughtView
46v India Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium 59 7183.1040CaughtView
47v India Sector 16 Stadium 6 1540.0010CaughtView
48v India Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground 0 10.0000CaughtView
49v New Zealand Adelaide Oval 48 7663.1660CaughtView
50v New Zealand Bellerive Oval 7 1353.8510CaughtView
51v India Melbourne Cricket Ground 11 2740.7410CaughtView
52v India Adelaide Oval 79 10873.1560CaughtView
53v Sri Lanka Melbourne Cricket Ground 50 6972.4640CaughtView
54v India Sydney Cricket Ground 31 3881.5800CaughtView
55v India Sydney Cricket Ground 4 850.0010CaughtView
56v West Indies Arnos Vale Ground 9 2339.1300CaughtView
57v West Indies Warner Park 5 1050.0000CaughtView
58v Bangladesh Marrara Cricket Ground 14 3441.1820CaughtView
59v South Africa Melbourne Cricket Ground 19 3850.0010CaughtView
60v New Zealand Sydney Cricket Ground 64 6992.7561CaughtView
61v New Zealand Adelaide Oval 14 1973.6810CaughtView
62v South Africa Kingsmead 1 520.0000CaughtView
63v South Africa New Wanderers Stadium 66 60110.00100CaughtView
64v Pakistan Dubai International Cricket Stadium 4 4100.0000CaughtView
65v Pakistan Sheikh Zayed Stadium 66 9370.9780CaughtView
66v Pakistan Sheikh Zayed Stadium 26 4360.4710CaughtView
67v England Kennington Oval 45 7262.5030CaughtView
68v England Lord's Cricket Ground 4 1136.3600CaughtView
69v England Trent Bridge Ground 52 6481.2550CaughtView
70v Pakistan Sydney Cricket Ground 25 3571.4320CaughtView
71v West Indies Melbourne Cricket Ground 18 3060.0000CaughtView
72v West Indies Sydney Cricket Ground 46 7462.1610CaughtView
73v West Indies Melbourne Cricket Ground 47 5881.0301CaughtView
74v New Zealand McLean Park 22 3170.9730CaughtView
75v New Zealand Eden Park 11 2642.3110CaughtView
76v England Sophia Gardens 1 714.2900CaughtView
77v England Old Trafford Cricket Ground 33 5461.1100CaughtView
78v Sri Lanka Melbourne Cricket Ground 27 3187.1030CaughtView
79v Sri Lanka Sydney Cricket Ground 25 3083.3311CaughtView
80v England Melbourne Cricket Ground 36 5763.1610CaughtView
81v England Bellerive Oval 10 2343.4810CaughtView
82v England Sydney Cricket Ground 9 1850.0000CaughtView
83v England Brisbane Cricket Ground 54 7472.9750CaughtView
84v Kenya M. Chinnaswamy Stadium 93 80116.2571CaughtView
85v India Sardar Patel Stadium 8 1942.1100CaughtView
86v Bangladesh Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium 101 11190.9962CaughtView
87v Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa International Stadium 46 6768.6630CaughtView
88v Sri Lanka R. Premadasa Stadium 47 6770.1530CaughtView
89v South Africa St George's Park 1 616.6700CaughtView
90v India Melbourne Cricket Ground 10 2147.6200CaughtView
91v Sri Lanka W.A.C.A. Ground 57 8864.7740CaughtView
92v Sri Lanka Bellerive Oval 72 7991.1452CaughtView
93v Sri Lanka Brisbane Cricket Ground 37 25148.0050CaughtView
94v England Kennington Oval 10 2147.6210CaughtView
95v West Indies Manuka Oval 15 1978.9510CaughtView
96v West Indies Sydney Cricket Ground 37 6556.9210CaughtView
97v England Old Trafford Cricket Ground 105 102102.94140CaughtView
98v England Rose Bowl 75 7698.68101CaughtView
99v England Melbourne Cricket Ground 43 42102.3860CaughtView
100v England Brisbane Cricket Ground 17 2085.0020CaughtView
101v South Africa Western Australia Cricket Association Ground 11 2055.0010CaughtView
102v New Zealand Eden Park 12 1866.6710CaughtView
103v Scotland Bellerive Oval 47 47100.0072CaughtView
104v Pakistan Adelaide Oval 8 1172.7300CaughtView
105v India Sydney Cricket Ground 10 1283.3310CaughtView
Latest Results
10th OneDay : England v Australia at Edgbaston Australia 277/9 (50/50 ov); England 240/4 (40.2/40.2 ov, target: 201) England won by 40 runs (D/L method) 5th OneDay : Australia v Bangladesh at Kennington Oval Bangladesh 182 (44.3/50 ov); Australia 83/1 (16/50 ov) No result 2nd OneDay : Australia v New Zealand at Edgbaston New Zealand 291 (45/46 ov); Australia 53/3 (9/33 ov, target: 235) No result 4th Test : Australia v India at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium Australia 300 and 137; India 332 and 106/2 (23.5 ov, target: 106) India won by 8 wickets 3rd Test : Australia v India at JSCA International Stadium Complex Australia 451 and 204/6 (100 ov); India 603/9d Match drawn
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